The Great Divide: Art in a Climate of Content

“The great quality of true art is that it rediscovers, grasps and reveals to us that reality far from where we live, from which we get farther and farther away as the conventional knowledge we substitute for it becomes thicker and more impermeable.”                               

                                                                                                                                                 – Marcel Proust

Blog # 12 - Twitter
mkhmarketing. Blue Sky Twitter. 2013. Web. 19 July. 2015.

At its worst, art can exist as mere spectacle, something created only to incite anger and smother insightful conversation, but at its best it serves as a medium for our most submerged instincts, exposing the beating pulse beneath it all. Whether a stirring poem or a striking image, good art generally offers up a lot more questions than answers, and any resolution must be lumbered to slowly, through tremendous effort and without any real assurance. The language of art – of nuance and often incomprehensibility – exists poles apart from the language of business, one that is concise and easily marketable.

Twitter, launched in 2006, is currently the 2nd most popular social networking site in the world and enables its ‘tweeters’ to make a short post of no more than 140 characters. Whether you have a bone to pick with your favourite celebrity, a product to market or you just saw a person wearing really tight spandex walking down Main Street, you’re free to vocalize whatever it is you’re thinking to your followers – or anyone else who might be watching from the sidelines. Of course, with only 140 characters, significant limitations are already imposed.

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