Avocado Toast, Individuality & “Being True to Oneself”

Manjonni. Hipster. 2012. Web. Flickr.com. 18 June. 2016.

There are few current archetypes more familiar, and more commonly criticized, than the hipster, that gentrifying, craft beer drinking, topknot-sporting city dweller. Through the emergence of an emphasis on local culture and cuisine, and the popularity of food trucks and plaid, the hipster has become a touchstone for current millennial counterculture, and through all this familiarity has become something of a cliché in its own right.

Of course, clichés are an important part of the way we interpret things and communicate. From “It Could be Worse” to “Tomorrow is Another Day”, clichés are the stock responses we frequently rely on when nothing else will do, when more personal actions and words cannot be found. It is easy to grasp at a string of words, their comforting lineage, and hope they will do their bit of good. And while clichés seem to shimmer when we’re young with their irrevocable truth, incapable of being tarnished, there are few that have the cultural currency of being “real” and true to oneself.

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