I <3 My Old Attention Span

brownpau. Ocean Park Goldfish. 2012. Flickr.com. Web. Sept 24. 2017.

Much as I like a long read that attempts to dig down into the crux of things, I must admit that I often miss the words, reading a few paragraphs at the beginning only to skip over the middle to the last few at the end. As a writer and reader I realize this is bad, and I certainly won’t do the same thing with a book, but when it comes to the Internet – like a television with 300 channels – I’m a bit of a scroller and a clicker.

I’ve mentioned it before, but there was once a study that said human beings now have an attention span that is shorter than that of a goldfish – you know, those glimmering, gilled creatures that flick in one direction or another, fixing their bulging eyes on you before they grow bored and move on to something else. While this study has since been debunked, it’s something that I feel in myself all the time, that flicking towards something else that will gather my interest for a moment.

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